Sunday, January 02, 2005

The First Blog.

i've never blogged before, i but i guess this is one of thoset hings i will learn on the job.
hands on experience or whatever else you call it.
of course, with the internet connection that we get over here in college, i'm pretty sure i won't be regular with this. not like i am regular with anything else either. most probably it'll be a weekly blog.
provided again, that we aren't going to have MORE classes than we have already. how many? well, chemical engg has less than us, and that should tell you something.
yeah, am in college, bumbling through my first blog, determined to figure out how this works. and then to start blogging.
like with my name though, i get all fired up about something, go crazy over it, adn then it just ... dies out.
like it was with haiku last week. went crazy with it. credit for it goes to ohwhatevernevermind blog. he showed me a few.
nature took over.
talkign about nature.. you'd just have to mention that earthquake and tsunami. and i'd just ahve to tell you that no matter how much my college raised, putting an advertisent in the peper about it was downright cheap.
an ad technique, yes, effective. but still... considering none of it was voluntary, and everyone was required to pay at least 50 rupees...
yup, i'll be right back. and lets see how long that takes.
and for all of you old hands out there - is is as addictive as it could be?


Blogger Incognito said...

Hi. I like to sail through people's very first posts. Am sorry, if i was interrupting.
But. I think now you know, if blogging is addictive or not.
I wondered why you chose camphor. Now found it. Justified :)

12:57 am GMT-8  
Blogger Camphor said...

No, you weren't interrrupting. Wow, I'm so touched that you actually went back to read the First, thank you so much!!

And it definately IS addictive. And there is more than one reason to the 'Camphor'.

2:38 am GMT-8  

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