Sunday, January 02, 2005

New Year REsolution

ok, ok, so that is not very original. but that's what this is, so deal with it, ok??

never had much sucess with the concpet or the theory or a the practice. is it any different from deciding to do anythign on any other day? more likely, i'd do it more if i weren't obligated to just becasue its a new year resolution.

of course, its alwyas the same thign that the REsolve to do. and what does that matter?
only the phrasing is different.

fest comign up, decided i won't work for it. does that matter? i guess it does. will i let that stop me, i don't think so.
sometimes wild horses can drag you away from 'duty'. besides, there is a lot of political manuvering and back-stabbing goign on over there and i like that not at all. oc ourse, my liking something was never mandatory for it to be done...
which is why i am here and cribbign about it.

anyway, i have REsolved not to Resolve to do anything. i'll just do what i feel like and see if it is possible to become in truth what i say i am.


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