Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Normal, natural.... but Paradise?

Going online is the worst of punishments these days. Never a computer to be seen free, nor, if you do somehow (with some useful application of elbow pressure and such) get one, does it work!

My birthday just passed. People closest to me - well, some of them, - forgot about it and all the people whom I did not expect to rememebr it did. I got a book called "Why sex is fun!" and contrary to all expectations it doesn't have much on sex. Just baboons and how thier ass turns brigth red during mating season and not otherwise. Apparently we are the only species with 'recreational' sex. Sex without the purpose of reproducing. Ironically, while most of the other (animal) species tend to get 'hot' only for that, we seem to take measures extrodinaire to precent conception.
You dog, the author says, would be horrified by the idea of contraceptive. How... amusing.

So looks like we are rather wierd. And that's 'normal' to us. (Aha! Now I know why I distrust the words 'normal' and 'natural'. We aren't either.) So no point in getting all 'speciest' and raising a hue and cry about X being lesbian or Y being gay. After all, we don't at least turn bright red when we ovulate. Not only that, it appears that the baboons actually have vaginal swelling and they advertise this by squatting right in front of all the adult males in thier 'clan'... and ... um... solicting 'customers'. Makes me shudder to imagine it, but see how deep our genetic bais is?? THAT is normal and natural, so I'm rather unhappy with the way people with sexual deviations have to fight so many prejudices.

One would wonder in front of these monumental staggering implications from these facts, what is the significance of a mere birthday?
Or maybe it has EVERYTHING to do with the birthdays...


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