Saturday, July 02, 2005

Gems and Her

Sharp, smooth edges, perfect crystal. And another. And another.
There had to be a flaw somewhere within. Perfection could not exist. The universe does not permit it.
An amethyst there is, for intuitive powers, its smooth water rounded edges clicking on her silver ring. And a quartz glints at the hollow of her throat for clear thinking. Too many aquamarines and jades and agates litter the elegant bronze vessel that contains pot pourri of dried flowers on the table.
Many more stones are all about the tiny room that is her home. One large piece is the colour of the sky at sunset behind a red bloated sun over the ocean, and another the exact shade of the bluebells. A string of prisms dangle from the window, and refract the dyign light of the sun into beautiful prisms that light up the shadowed room.
What stone is that, prominent and eye-catching - the one that looks like it is her lips captured when she was laughing? Or for the blood red one, thirsty for sensuality and ready to be caressed? Would a name for these ever define them satisfactorily? Cooling, calming, soothing, it slides over her heated skin, and she grits her teeth, bitter. Her nose flares slightly as she has the urge to smash something, and hear the satisfying crunch or crash. Would that she could let go and get it out of her system.
No such luck.
The stones still stay in their perfect locations around the little prison, and she silently screams.


Blogger Vavoom said...

This is another great piece. Can you share your motivation for this work?

12:49 am GMT-7  
Blogger Kini said...

Why is she looking for flaws? Is perfection in nature really that fearful? Nature by definition is perfection, it isn't healthy to harbour animosity against it.

And lastly why did she scream? Any work of fiction is woefully incomplete if the drive behind the action is left unexplained. It might look artistic and stylish, the ultimate purpose of writing lies not in aesthetics, but in purpose.

Look deeper my friend, for the surface is for fools.

1:52 am GMT-7  
Blogger Kini said...

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1:52 am GMT-7  
Blogger Camphor said...

vavoom ~ Frustration. That nothign that seems good ever turns out to be 'good'. There always so many things that go wrong... but anyway, it's a part of life, so I guess I need to deal with all those flaws that make people what they are.

kini ~ Becuase she has seen that all the gems she has known have flaws, and she has given up on finding the 'perfect' one. IT doesn't stop her from becoming frustrate/angry/bitter that there are those flaws that keep popping up.
Try looking at the Gems as people - each one described there is someone I know and who matters to me. Maybe that will haelp clear ti up? *shrug*

The reason for the scream is there, only I wasn't clear about it. At that point of time, I couldn't have been... and it was better to explain too little than too much.
I certainly hope I can see deeper, becuase the surface - well, it seems marred with cracks and scratches. Hopefully those will have a use. Sometime.

1:31 am GMT-7  
Blogger Vavoom said...

Ah, but it is their flaws and their subsequent triumph over them that makes their "flaws" gemstones.

3:29 am GMT-7  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i really enjoyed it. thank you for writing it.

9:11 pm GMT-7  
Blogger Joshuathomas said...

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