Friday, August 26, 2005

Dear Diary

I’ll never understand people. Am now convinced. Nor will I understand machines, but that is a totally different thing. Wait, what do I understand? Rhetorical question , and I do not see an answer forthcoming. But the fact remains, I will never understand people. If, by some miracle, I do mange that, there is no way I will ever understand relationships.

I guess I’m also blessed. I cannot imagine my dad packing his bags and moving out, for whatever reason no matter how bad a fight. I cannot picture my parents favouring either me or my brother unfairly over the other. I cannot picture me going out with one guy, breaking up, and within weeks, be going out with another.
I cannot see myself being discriminated against at home by my immediate family, for being a girl, or for being what I am. Or for my eccentric habits. I am a rude, sarcastic, and a totally unbearable nag. Yet I cannot imagine my friends and family leaving me for that, for I would not turn my back on them.
And for all this, I am profoundly grateful.


Blogger Kini said...

and you ought to's grand. aint it? *smiles*

8:45 pm GMT-7  
Blogger Camphor said...

I wish.

Sometimes my mouth ruins stuff that was good. Consider chocolate.

3:05 am GMT-7  

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