Monday, October 10, 2005


David Eddings. That's the author I think of, as I sit here with my chin resting on the cup of my palm, and eyes focussed on the board that carries the 32 pieces of chess. His character - in the Belgariad, I think, placed chess with Fate - a blank, unknown quanitty. That image does not seem amiss here. My right hand blindly reaches for the mug of cappuccinno that has got to be around someplace... and after a few seconds of groping, and not taking my eyes off the polished wood, the warm mug fits snugly into my hands.

I am not thirsty, but I need something to do as I wait for my opponent to make his move - and my eyes fix on his blank visage. Now, if only he wouldn't try to protect the pawn, I can knock out the Queen ... it'll be check... I'll lose a knight, but I think I can swing it... and then, the Bishop from can take the Queen... if he leaves that pawn at d3 alone... If... What other move is open?

I interupt my ponderings to wonder if my face is too expressive. We are seated here, in the open air Barista, playing a game of Chess over a cup of coffee, and ever since this man sat down with his antique check set with ebony-and-ivory peices, he has not said a word. He fascinates me, enchants me, but I do not know how or why. He is an enigma, a puzzle... one that I am determined to crack.

Why is he an enigma anyway? It was he who suggested this game of Kings of India and Persia after we'd caught each other having coffee at early hours of the morning for nearly -- four weeks now. My newspaper lay untouched in the morning for the first time in a long time, and he has not brought his today. Soon it will be time to return to the mundane life, but to be in his presence brings me such joy now. Him, with black hair lying flat on his head, his clear cut jaw and stubborn chin.

It is a cold morning, a slow one in this hill city, so I pull my cardigan tighter. His eyes flicker and follow the action and I feel a deep sense of satisfaction. He noticed. There was a game of chess going on here, and this one had only two players... and it was far more interesting to me than the movement of my black intricately carved peices across his board - after all, when there was the man himself to study, who would waste time on the game?

I shove an imaptient hand through my hair, flick a smile at him, and study his hands. Not for him the hestitation of a hand movign over all the coins on the board, as if in blessing, instead, his hand rushes out and in one swift, sure motion, the next step is taken. I enjoy seeing the long, strong, and firm hands when they are in that mode of action, as it is now, they are resting on the table top, flat against the cut and damaged plastic, peaceful unlike mine, which are drumming some tune.. a tune even I cannot identify.

Tomorrow? he asks, and as I gape - Checkmate.


Blogger Abhi! said...

Liked ur blog! nice post

6:25 am GMT-7  
Blogger Noetic License said...

Nice post. Nice style.

2:33 pm GMT-7  
Blogger Hellbrandt Grimm said...

This goes without saying, and this probably means little to you, but it's important that I say this, obvious though it may be - You write amazingly well. I loved the way this ended.
I am awed by this and your previous posts. Do keep writing!

4:34 am GMT-7  
Blogger Camphor said...

abhi! Thanks :D

noetic license ~ Thanks for dropping in to see my blog. And for the compliment.

zydar ~ Most certainly does NOT go without saying, if it did, then why shoudl people say it? :P It's very gratifying to hear compliments. You know that. Oh yeah, and this was the result of that chess game we played and my imagination. *g* Just so you know, and get some of the credit. That move in italics - yeah, if you had kept that pawn on a3, you'd have lost about 9 moves earlier. :D

11:14 pm GMT-7  
Blogger Hellbrandt Grimm said...

The game was on record? Hell, why didn't you say? I would have pulled off some of my immensely complex moves usually reserved for the right occassion. :P

Pawn at a3 - Honestly I don't remember if I moved it with the intention of thwarting a checkmate! Maybe I was just curious as to whether the knight beside it would say "Ni!". I don't remember that happening either. :P

Lastest but not the leastest - Credits don't come in pints! You get the credit. 100% :D

5:17 am GMT-7  

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