Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Stand: IIPM

Jumping on the bangwagon.
No, you are not.
You haven't verified all the details yet.
(Impatient) You've verified all that you could. Why don't you get on with it?

But wait, there are...
*keyboard violently seized by the one with the Power of Action*

Yeah, well, the IIPM controversy. There isn't much to say:
Gaurav rocks! So does Rashmi!

One the one hand is the freedom of speech of Mr. Gaurav, and the other - one big giant college apparently elbowing and making inaccurate claims on paper. Thank Eru for VIT, at least the claims it makes are correct as far as I can verify. I'd go for the freedom of speech everytime.

On one hand, a journalist deciding to go for an expose. On another hand, intolerant attitude over lesbianism (not like it's their buisness anyway!) and bringing in personal issues where it was work. I'll go for the right to be whom I want to be every time.

On one hand word being spread over blogdom raising support for these two people. On the other, emails sent extorting money. You don't have proof for that! I'll take my fellow bloggers everytime over bullies.

Besides, STOP trying to tell me what to say, what to do or what to be!

If you don't know what I'm talking about - this blogpost has been written with the assumption that you do, check out Desipundit.
Once you know what this is about, you've got to read this.
Gaurav's blog and the posts he made - The fraud that is IIPM, More about IIPM
The JEM article - The Truth About IIPM's Tall Claims
The Fine Print in the IIPM ads.
What Amit Varma said about freedom of speech.
Varna got an email-legal-notice for.
Why the legal notice is a hoax.

Note: If rumours are to be believed, IBM laptops were to be burned. RotFLMAO. Which student in India would willingly burn an IBM? Laptop?? And which management of a wealthy (apparently they made that claim) would throw away the money? Can you please keep the threats real? What sort of dumb people do you take us for? Wish the bluff had been called.


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