Monday, October 10, 2005

What's with the Rules these days?

*Steps on Soapbox*
I have been very irritated with all the new dress codes and other types of moral policing that have been going on. Managed to keep it inside me though, there was no point in just ranting. No point whatsoever. But if you are in Chennai and are disgusted by the reactions of the police, the law makers, the people in general - the hypocricy and the double standards for men and women, there is a way you can contribute.

I know that some of us call Chennai a village. The mindset is particularly - distressing (for lack of a better word.) - and finally, something I saw at Whyte Space convinced me that it was worth it to take a look at the group that is forming to get RID of the moral dictation.

Why is it that when I can decide whom to vote for, I cannot decide what to wear? Thankfully, VIT has not enforced a stringent dresscode yet. It is a matter of time, there was a rally outside the college "by concerned mothers". In Coimbatore, where I was recently, a teacher told me that from have 12 co-ed schools a few years back, there are only two now. What happened? Are we back sliding into the Dark Ages? What are we afraid of? The way to defeat temptation is NOT to hide from it. And when are women going to be looked upon as mere objects of tempation, with different rules, different standards? Why do we stand for it?

If youa re interested in joining a forum where we discuss all these issues - email sanerchennai [at] yahoo [dot] com.
'Nuff Said. For now.
*Steps off soapbox*


Blogger clm said...

hey there--

thanks for checking out my blog. here's a link to the hard-fi song, which will expire in 7 days. it's ridiculously catchy, so don't say i didn't warn you! let me know what you think.

i do hope you try out the iPod oracle with your mp3 player; as long as it has a shuffle feature it'll work just fine (it just won't be as *cool* as an iPod).

10:11 am GMT-7  
Blogger Stamping Authority said...

hey may I know who u r????
Do i know u camphor????
Thanks for ur wishes neways.......

9:44 am GMT-7  
Blogger Archana Vivekh said...

hey.. ai agree...

its so true..why the hell klet someone else decide...its so rridiculous...i dont agree at all...

good post and viepint...i agree

11:19 pm GMT-7  
Blogger Abhi! said...

Hi Camphor:
Thanks for the link
I have linked u up as well!
Keep coming back!

8:56 am GMT-7  
Blogger wiseorotherwise said...

So true! It's worse when my sis wears jeans and a tee, and my relatives look at her like she's from a different planet!

GOSH!! People these days!

1:04 pm GMT-7  
Blogger jive said...

i hate the moral police!!!! man I rock got cancelled this year! and remember the moratorium in banaglore against hindi films ? sheesh!

1:06 pm GMT-7  
Blogger Camphor said...

clm, thanks a bunch!

stamping authority - erm, no I don't know you so I assume that you don't know me. You did comment on my other blog once tho, so I wanted to retun the favour.

archana ~ sad truth is that we DO let others decide. be it cell phones not allowed at ALL or clothes that are resticted, no rule can be enforced without the sheep. You need the sheep to accept the punishment, else how can it be meted out.

abhi! ~ Like your blog. Linked up in order to access it more easily. But am going to upgrade - found blogroller.

wiseorotherwise ~ been there, been talked about. Pity my parents get the lecture as much or more than me.

jive ~ you can't ban things. you cna put warnings on them. I hate cersors who take it upon themselves to decide what cannot be released. Tell me it's adult, it's inappropriate, that's their job. Tell me I can't choose to watch it, make it unavailble, that's not for anyone to say.

10:55 pm GMT-7  

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