Friday, November 18, 2005

Belated pictures of Palar

When everyone was talking about the flood in TN, I was writhing in my seat waiting for my photographs to be developed. (Digital cmaera, alas, is on my "to buy" list, and has been bumped to #2 since I urgently require a new motherboard *sob*) The roll was overexposed. *sigh*

Quite a few people were expecting those pictures of Palar with water in it (hasn't happened in 15 years, I'm told) and so, I begged borrowed and stole these. All pictures in this post were taken by Thumbdrive, who currently isn't upto putting them up herself on her blog. :) They were taken on Tuesday (second day of rains). Water rose for another couple of days, all that greenery drowned, and then the water level dropped again on Friday (When I passed it) and rose again from saturday night. Or so I'm told. I don't know the dates, but I guess I could hunt them up.

Image hosted by
by Thumbdrive

Image hosted by
by Thumbdrive

Image hosted by
by Thumbdrive

Image hosted by
by Thumbdrive

Image hosted by
by Thumbdrive


Blogger WA said...

Wow amazing pictures Camphor

5:51 am GMT-8  
Blogger S said...

wow....looks every bit as bad as it was!!! like whole of land had turned into a wave-frothing sea!! great photos though!!!

7:12 am GMT-8  
Blogger Leon said...

Wow.. Palar with water flowing.. I'm impressed. When you are vetti you could try to get pics of water flowing in the Vaigai. My Mom's from Madurai and though we visit every year, I haven't seen so much as a drop of water in it till date... :D

Err.. You would probably be better off buying a new PC than a new motherboard.. ;-)

8:17 am GMT-8  
Blogger vibha said...

Palar means the river of milk. good to see atleast water in it.
nice pics

10:28 am GMT-8  
Blogger vibha said...

Nice pics. good to see atleast water in the river of milk. (palar)

10:29 am GMT-8  
Blogger Ashish Gupta said...


this is bad.
bad bad bad :(

9:38 pm GMT-8  
Blogger Arz000n said...

Nice flood pics there...

Must say you had courage to click flood pic ;)

11:36 pm GMT-8  
Blogger Ashish Gupta said...

didnt knew its soo bad down there :( remember walking for hours in the deluge here on 26th July.
Its fabulous till we aren't drowned ;) but the disruption of life and business is tremedous and is extremely fateful :(

Hope you are doing good and enjoying college :) Take care

4:56 pm GMT-8  
Blogger Neon said...

Really cool pics! Yea, a digi cam is on my wishlist too but then so is a mp3 player :(

7:04 pm GMT-8  
Blogger Dreamcatcher said...

churning sea..looks pretty scary.

7:55 pm GMT-8  
Blogger Aesa said...

i dunno kno wat u're talkin bout!
though did hear bout the flood.
where exactly is palar??

study hard girl!

5:35 am GMT-8  
Blogger Apoorv Gawde said...

WOW !!

10:31 pm GMT-8  
Blogger Camphor said...

WA ~ thanks. Like I said - Thumbdrive took these.

s ~ Personally, I liked the look of it. It was wild,a nd it was free... and for the first time the bed of the river didn't look parched.

Leon ~ Vaigai I'm not visiting, my friend. Palar is next door. :) But I could ask my freind from Madurai if he took some pics. If he did, then you'll see at least pictures of the river with water in it. It did have water - flooded in the lower regions, actually - this time.

vibha ~ Yeah, and the froth was supposed to be the reason it was called the palar. :)

ashish ~ haan, masti kar rahi hoon. Exam ke liye sab main nahi padhati! I like rivers that flow. :) I didn't tkae many pictures inside the City, that was awful.

arz00n ~ thanks for dropping by my blog, and it wasn't something I could resist doing.

neon ~ I have a computer, it can serve as an mp3 player, so I didn't need it. I am thinkign seriously about an iPod. If I get a scholarship, that's what I'll bust my money on, I think. :)

12:31 am GMT-8  
Blogger Camphor said...

DC ~ It was scary, in parts. Like when the only reason why my ambassador wasn't floating down the main road was that it's only of the bulkiest cars ever created.

aesa ~ The bridge between Katpadi and Vellore, remember? That was supposed to be over a river called the Palar. It apparently hasn't had water in it for a few years till the flood. Most of these are taken from the Katpadi side.
You're lucky, you're done with your papers fast! :P Me, it stretches forever!

apoorv ~ :D

12:35 am GMT-8  
Blogger Aesa said...

hey girl..
oh yes i thot there was sumthin familiar bout the pics..
nice brings back some memories!
there was this graveyard next to the bridge n a nice trail to walk on at the end of it!


6:52 am GMT-8  
Blogger the Monk said...

great pics...

9:54 pm GMT-8  
Blogger Camphor said...

aesa, what were you doing at the gravyard, girl?

monk ~ Thankie!

2:19 am GMT-8  
Blogger jive said...

coool pix

5:29 am GMT-8  
Blogger just sayin' said...

Those photos are great display of what Mother Nature can be like.

10:05 am GMT-8  
Blogger Aesa said...

nah i was at the trail.. got in from another enterance... walked walked n walked n reached the graveyard.

and am not afraid of graveyards =D

8:06 pm GMT-8  
Blogger Hellbrandt Grimm said...

Yay for lots of water and lots of mud!

11:22 pm GMT-8  
Blogger Camphor said...

Jive ~ thanx

Morgan ~ Thanks for dropping by my blog, and they do indeed. IT was a flood.

aesa ~ Ah. there goes my plan of scaring you silly in some forgotten graveyard.

zydar ~ certainly seems like more mud, less water, na?

12:43 am GMT-8  

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