Saturday, December 31, 2005


My writing has become redundant. My muse has decided to devote itself to someone else who probably needs her more. I miss her. (I'm being melodramatic, but cut a girl some slack!)

Thank you.

Happy New Year.


Blogger >|' ; '| said...

hApPy nEw YeAr !!!

may ur muse return in 2006!!!

5:59 am GMT-8  
Blogger PRADEEP K. said...

Allow me an honest admission for the new year... I still do not believe that you are only 19, and that you are female. The second point is not as significant as the first. Anyway, I wish you all the best in all your endeavours in 2006. I pray that all your dreams come true. I miss your comments in my blog. Hope you will find some time for me soon.

6:03 am GMT-8  
Blogger Harish said...

Happy New Year, Camphor!
she'll be back after partying all night on New Year's eve.. chill :)

8:47 am GMT-8  
Blogger Incognito said...

Happy New Year. :)

11:11 am GMT-8  
Blogger Kini said...

"Won't you sing with me, these songs of freedom... Cuz all i ever had, redemption Song"

Thats the song that was playing when I read your post. And i honestly believe nobody couldve said it any better than Mr.Marley. Enjoy 2006 oh volatile one! 2005's been good fun, what?



12:23 pm GMT-8  
Blogger Neon said...

Happy new year! Hope 2006 is awesome for you!

1:38 am GMT-8  
Blogger S said...

have a great new year...2005 sure 2006 will too!! :D and bestoluck wit ur coll fest!!

1:38 am GMT-8  
Blogger Camphor said...

-poison- ~ Thank you. I do hope she's back soon.

pradeep ~ What you choose (dis)believe is your call. I am 19, and female. :)
Thank you for your wishes, and I hope your year rocks too.

harish ~ Thanks da!

incognito ~ to you too!

kini ~ 2005 has been a blast. I dont know where much of it went, but still. I'll do my bestest to enjoy this year. I'm half-tempted to subscribe to music must be psychic theory. :P

neon ~ you too!

s ~ thanku thanku!

5:30 am GMT-8  
Blogger The man in the box said...

Redundant? I thought the word was prolific...anyway, happy new year!

5:56 am GMT-8  
Blogger MTT Publishing said...

Hey Camphor - miss you. Happy New Year.

7:53 am GMT-8  
Blogger MTT Publishing said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:53 am GMT-8  
Blogger Aesa said...

happy new yr girl!

9:38 am GMT-8  
Blogger Noetic License said...

Don't mean to pry, but 'Year of the Ox' and 19 years old? I wonder... But never mind, it's totally irrelevant...

9:43 am GMT-8  
Blogger Arz000n said...

Happy New Year to you too Camphor!!

Hope you had a nice time on XMas eve.


10:12 am GMT-8  
Blogger Amit said...

Hey Camphor...Wish u a very happy and a prosperous new year... Have a great year ahead :)

4:25 pm GMT-8  
Blogger PRADEEP K. said...

I take the call. I believe you. :)

8:58 pm GMT-8  
Blogger the Monk said...

she'll come back...Happy New Year to you too...

1:49 am GMT-8  
Blogger Wriju said...

Lazy bum, stop making excuses and start writing ;-)
Happy New Year dear friend.

12:34 pm GMT-8  
Blogger supri3 said...

MUAH!! i love you missy poo. my mommy told me you had this so i looked it up :).
anyway, Happy New Year. try and email me once in a while, k?

4:11 pm GMT-8  
Blogger PRADEEP K. said...

I suspect that either you have become too busy, or else, the Writers' block has got you in its grip. If you are busy, we will wait for you.

If it is the other case, hmmm... why don't you try writing about the block itself?

Hope you will be back soon :)

2:56 am GMT-8  
Blogger Mach said...

melodramatic indeed.

9:40 am GMT-8  
Blogger WA said...

Crazy, come back soon. Missing you

10:51 pm GMT-8  
Blogger Arz000n said...

Are you gonna come back??

You betta Camphor!!!!

12:46 am GMT-8  
Blogger silverine said...

Happy New Year Camphor ! :)

9:37 am GMT-8  
Blogger vibha said...

happy new year camphor. mm have fun.

2:03 pm GMT-8  
Blogger >|' ; '| said...

come back.

5:02 am GMT-8  
Blogger Incognito said...

is there anybody out there - pink floyd

8:39 am GMT-8  
Blogger The Phoenix said...

You have been tagged CrazyCamphor.Will it be enough to bring you back?
Check my page for details.

12:27 pm GMT-8  
Blogger WA said...

where are you Camphor?

10:48 am GMT-8  
Blogger Ashish Gupta said...

now that it has returned it time for you to return too - come back to ur blogger baby :P

I am tired of reading this "Later... " post everytime I come here :(

12:30 am GMT-8  
Blogger the One said...

Well. One does not know if you still check your comments, but this is just to let you know that one has gone through most of your blog (at least most of what was accessible .. some of your archives do not seem to exist) and liked it a great deal. Hoping that the elusive muse returns soon.

7:35 am GMT-8  
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