Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Whisper

The wind rushes on the plain. Swaying to its magic is the whistle and tune of the wild. A lone tree stands in the middle of the moors bowing to it, dancing like it is searching for its lost soul.

Except her soul is not lost... the rustle of the breeze ever present on her now-twisted length reassures it. This is a tie that the willow has known for almost all its life, and she hears the celebration burst to life again.
Spring begins.
Not forgotten.


Blogger Leon said...

Some of your posts are beyond my comprehensive capabilities.. This is one of them.. :p

7:29 am GMT-8  
Blogger Arz000n said...


I didnt get it...

Lemme read it for 4th time....

If I do understand, I'll make a sensible comment okie :)

7:57 am GMT-8  
Blogger the Monk said...

i'm not sure i understood that, so i'll concern myself with the trivialities...u call the willow 'it' initially and then switch to 'her'...another thing i nlticed...when u're talking abt the willow alone, u refer to it as 'it', but when u're talking abt it with reference to the wind, u refer to it as 'her' in the wind reassures her...what gives?

8:16 am GMT-8  
Blogger just sayin' said...

I liked that it mentioned Spring because I am in St. Paul Minnesota where it is cold and snowy.

8:45 am GMT-8  
Blogger Ashish Gupta said...

reminds me of my childhood kitchen garden. We had a huge one with lemon, pomegranate, roses, etc. Everytime we had hard rains and winds I pitied their 'twisted' lengths and battered shapes ...

. . . but only to wake next morning and wonder how they regain so fast as if nothing happened :O May be thats where their soul lies n draws energy from :-?

was thinking of the beauty of marriage! "Well. Then thats what we do - we FIGHT" - from the movie The Notebook [read, watch]. Wondering these fights could be the food for 'her' soul and even if battered her soul still gets the reassurance of love :)

10:13 am GMT-8  
Blogger WA said...

Thank God for that, I can breathe a sigh of relief first. I thought I was the only one who didn't quite understand the post :) Relieved to find out I have company. But have to admit, sounds really impressive though.

12:02 pm GMT-8  
Blogger Wriju said...

Why do you shift so suddenly from 'her' and 'it'? I thought it was just the tree you spoke about, but it can't be. Or may be she is an old woman (with her twisted length) who reassures it (the tree).

If I were to ignore the 'it' and 'she' and the apparent anomaly - I know you speak of a relationship. A relationship of silent cohabitation and mutual reassurance.

12:15 pm GMT-8  
Blogger Camphor said...

Well, I guess this is pretty straight forward. Well, not THAT straight forward, but anyway. Picture a moor. Picture tree on moor. Wind blows. Spring begins. Everything in between is just saying that the wind and willow are... freinds. Supoort. Reassurance. All that in between the fact that the Willow is probably twisted because of the wind.

leon, ~ Implying there are others? ;) I didn't know I was an incomprehensible communicator!

arz00n ~ Thanks for taking the trouble to read it so many times. :)

the Monk ~ Perspective change. The first paragraph is an impersonal outsider view. The second talks about the wind and the willow as if the speaker knows them. Also, from the wind and qillow being objects, they switch to being... people... with that perspective change. Makes sense?
Maybe I should have switched to italics for one of the the two.

morgan ~ It was quite deliberate, the timing. About now is when I'd expect to be tired of snow. :)

ashish ~ They bent then, but didn't break. Have you seen coconut or palm trees in the storm? They bend almost double.

WA ~ Thanks. :D If it's impressive enough, someday people will sigh over my writings and curse me for writing them, precisely because they don't understand.

wriju ~ It's just the tree, and the tree IS an old, old woman. As for the shift - it's... like a zoom in, if you wish. In the larger picture, the wind and the willow are objects, once you get close to them, they are people.
You da man. Hit the nail on the head :D

7:16 pm GMT-8  
Blogger Amit said...

ya i thot u were speaking abt the tree...

8:50 pm GMT-8  
Blogger vibha said...


9:33 pm GMT-8  
Blogger Incognito said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:37 pm GMT-8  
Blogger Incognito said...

I'm SPRINGING in the rain
..just springing in the rain, what a glorious feel and I'm happy again.I am laughing at clouds. The sun's in my heart and I'm ready for love..

My fav song.. makes sense even after replacement.

10:46 pm GMT-8  
Blogger Camphor said...

amit ~ I was talking about the tree. Only, not just the tree.

vibha ~ Thanks. :D

incognito ~ Thought I'd tell you - even comments later deleted arrive in my inbox. :D And yes, that is probably the best Rain-Spring songs. :) I loved the movie, and the songs too....

10:59 pm GMT-8  
Blogger Neon said...

Nice! And your blog template looks really good too.

9:35 pm GMT-8  
Blogger the Monk said...

ah, i knew you were talking abt support and reassurance...

11:59 pm GMT-8  
Blogger Camphor said...

neon ~ Thanks, thanks. :D

monk ~ I'm sure. :)

1:07 am GMT-8  
Blogger Incognito said...

thats ok ! :D . Though wanted to delete this also. wit jus the link. Then I thought I'd be deleting too many!

8:08 am GMT-8  
Blogger visithra said...

wow beautiful one ;)

8:13 am GMT-8  
Blogger Camphor said...

incognito ~ you delete whatever you want to delete, it is your comment, after all :D Just wanted to tell you that I DO read even what you delete.

visithra ~ Thank you!

8:22 am GMT-8  
Blogger Ashmi said...

simple yet transcends all levels of simplicity... :-)

9:51 pm GMT-8  
Blogger Camphor said...

ashmi ~ *blush* Thank you. :)

11:21 am GMT-8  

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