Friday, February 24, 2006

Little somethings

Her hair leaps into my hands, clinging to the plastic comb she hates. I let it go and immediately, like blown by some unseen wind, it rushes to cover her small round face. The cackle of static electricity sounds as I swap the comb for the hairbrush and run it through the length of the hair. There are no knots, but I continue brushing. Her little face shows extreme impatience, and she’s begun to shift around uncomfortably in the high backed wooden chair she sits on.

Hold still, I murmur, enjoying the smooth silky hair, but she won’t. She is too anxious to be off. Her mother had leaned into the strokes. Her mother was a little lady, unlike this one, who was tomboy if I ever saw one.

Enough, please! Comes her still sharp voice, and she jumps off the chair. Her legs had dangled well off the floor when seated. She grabs my hands, the contrast of my dry wrinkled calloused hands – softened by time alone – and her pink fat little hands strikes me suddenly. I feel old. She suddenly kisses my hands and takes off, to her friends. To her life.



Blogger Wriju said...

Granny! :-)
With her love so undiluted. And her amazing stories and pickles and sweets.
I wish I could be with her now.

10:08 pm GMT-8  
Blogger the Monk said...

not necessarily granny, you know...not yet, camphor, not yet...

12:15 am GMT-8  
Blogger onmyowntrip said...

granny and those magical stories and those yummy sweets
liked what you wrote

7:57 am GMT-8  
Blogger The Individualist said...

Hmm. Can so relate to it. Though I am no granny, neither a little girl. Not a girl, either. The number of times I've seen my sister do it. Twitch restlessly while my granny tries hard to control her with her quivering hands. Nice post. Nothing complicated. Nothing complex. Just another incident that you see in your life that your life later makes you forget. Makes one think.

1:52 pm GMT-8  
Blogger Harish Suryanarayana said...

I have not been more happy than when playing with children . In their innocence , lies a hint of what happiness can be . Long time :)

1:00 am GMT-8  
Blogger Apoorv Gawde said...

Nice :)

4:40 am GMT-8  
Blogger Stamping Authority said...

Hey my blog url has changed.....
make sure u update ur template/blogrolls...

8:14 am GMT-8  
Blogger Ashish Gupta said...

she used to lie on her stomach on bed, studying and I would sit on her back and comb her hair for hours - meanwhile talking to her all the time abt her books and she would temme science things!!!

I miss Akka :((

3:26 am GMT-8  
Blogger Incognito said...

I remember when my gran used to comb my hair. Take loads of coconut oil, and with efficiency smooth out the knots and plat it. We used to sit in the 'thinnai' facing all the banyan trees. With the birds, butterflies..

Thankyou for bringing back fond memories. :)

9:30 pm GMT-8  
Blogger Camphor said...

Wriju ~ They really are something else, these women with their dynamism and energy. :)

Monk ~ Definately not yet. :D But what to do, we are like this only... seriously, sometimes I think I'm too young to feel this old.

myowntrip ~ Thank you. :) Even though there were no sweets and stories in what I wrote.

Individualist ~ Thanks for dropping by on my blog.
Aren't the little somethings the things that are worth remembering?

Harish ~ They are also what you were. What made us grow up adn lose that wide eyed innocence?

Mr. Gawde ~ Thank you. Long time, no see. :)

Stamping Authority ~ Will do.

ASSish - Won't you see her again, soon, though?

incognito ~ Loads of coconut hair and fond memories? I still shrink from that ... er... smell. :) You're welcome.

10:58 pm GMT-8  
Blogger WA said...


8:41 am GMT-8  
Blogger sabareesan said...

ur stories made me pleasent.simply superb sabaresan

3:25 am GMT-8  
Blogger Ashish Gupta said...

no way! she got a lil' girl to take care of and a huge lab to run #-o too busy to call me since a month!

3:12 pm GMT-8  
Blogger the One said...

Something so common, so everyday, and yet so profound. That was brilliant.

7:15 pm GMT-8  
Blogger Aesa said...

beautiful. simple. and lovely.

6:02 pm GMT-8  
Blogger haz said...

girl this is brilliant !!!

6:26 am GMT-8  
Blogger Dreamcatcher said...

So evocative and eloquent..miss my own grandmother.

9:40 am GMT-8  
Blogger Incognito said...

happy women's day :)

9:46 pm GMT-8  
Blogger onmyowntrip said...

hello women it's time to update why have you gone into hiding
we want more

3:24 am GMT-8  
Blogger Cinderella said...

Lovely post,I wonder what made you come up with lines as gr8 as those.So subtle,so true,so ecstatic.Thoroughly enjoyed it.
BTW thnx for dropping by,keep visiting.

8:23 am GMT-8  

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